Foundations of Metapreneurship
April 15, 2017
Annotated Table of Contents
April 18, 2017

The Metapreneurs

They are not just entrepreneurs in the traditional sense. Many are indeed starting cutting-edge ventures, designed to scale and grow. Others look like small businesses, while some don’t even look like businesses at all. But their innovative, risk-taking activities are part of something bigger, more integrated and more collaborative. Metapreneurship is entrepreneurship with a broader view.

[…] Metapreneurs focus on creating value for their network. But today, ‘value’ is more than creating a product or service, or solving a problem. Almost every activity must involve the network and its members, they must benefit. And it’s not just customers that need to benefit and be involved: it’s the entire ecosystem of customers, partners, advocates, vendors, employees, and the community.

Metapreneurs know that reaping value doesn’t depend on their own largesse. Success is a function of the strength and quality of their connections on the network.

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