Interview with CJ Cornell, Author of The Age of Metapreneurship
July 4, 2017
Shocked! Shocked!  But not Surprised.
July 25, 2017
The Age of Metapreneurship Challenges the Foundations,
and Redefines the Principles of Modern Entrepreneurship.
New book by CJ Cornell chronicles a series of vast shifts in the business landscape that subtly transformed entrepreneurship – making the rules and lessons of the past obsolete – and charts a new path for building successful companies in the 21st Century.
Friday, July 10, 2017 7:04 am EDT –
What happens when the rules you’ve been taught no longer apply?  Or when you’re a seasoned expert, but find yourself in a new domain where your expertise is now irrelevant? Over the past decade, the foundations of entrepreneurship have been gradually changing to the point where the lessons of the past no longer apply, and where the experience can be a disadvantage. Entrepreneurs need new rules, new skills, and new strategies. It’s a new era.  It’s The Age of Metapreneurship.
Backed by rich stories, interviews, and data, author CJ Cornell takes readers through an entertaining and engaging journey. The book starts from the recent past – where  the institutions and leaders designed to help entrepreneurs are stuck in the past and trying too hard, and end up creating unintended consequences that do more harm than good. Chapters explore how the once-unquestioned business fundamentals are now becoming obsolete; and where even the very definition of “who is an entrepreneur” has changed dramatically. These old rules and mindsets leave today’s entrepreneurs struggling, frustrated, and failing.
“We think of entrepreneurs as visionaries, but they are so focused and busy that most never notice the series of tiny changes all around them,” explains the author, CJ Cornell, a former entrepreneurship professor, and 6-time serial entrepreneur.  “Before they realized it, the ground beneath them shifted, and now many are lost and unprepared. Entrepreneurs need to take a step back to see how the terrain has changed, so they can use new strategies, new skills, and navigate in new directions.”
The book describes the ways the landscape changed, such as:
  • How venerable business school concepts – such as the “bottom line” profits, and familiar “straight-line” business models – are becoming obsolete.
  • How scarcity is replaced by the new rules of abundance.
  • How the lines are now blurred between employee, customer, vendor and investor – to the point where even the concept of the company has changed.
  • How power, influence, and leadership are dramatically different – with hierarchies replaced by networks, connections, and communities.
  • And how experience is now a liability – with seasoned entrepreneurs struggling on the new terrain.
The book’s journey continues and shows us the evolution of a new kind of entrepreneurship – and a new kind of entrepreneur – the connected, collaborative entrepreneur.
“Today entrepreneurship is no longer just about solving a problem for a customer, or creating and selling an innovative product. It’s much more than owning and running your own business,” Cornell explained,  “Modern entrepreneurs need to be adept at leveraging network effects, managing crowd behavior, creating movements – and create their own economies. Beyond dealing with customers, products, sales and management, they need to put in as much effort into contributing to the network by participating and collaborating. These are the new skill sets of the modern entrepreneur – and they are not optional.”
The Age of Metapreneurship is an alternative to the thousands of how-to books offering feel-good recipes for entrepreneurial success. Instead, the book takes a step back, providing a 10,000-foot view so entrepreneurs can see patterns, avoid minefields, and understand how to thrive in this new environment.
The book will help seasoned entrepreneurs, advisors, mentors, and educators understand what no longer works, and discover the new rules for adapting and succeeding in this new era. Business leaders will walk away with deep insights and new strategies for innovating and  competing. Working entrepreneurs will learn to recognize the mistakes of the past, gain a broader perspective and develop unique, new strategies.  The book will help them reinvent themselves in the form of a modern entrepreneur: A Metapreneur.
The Age of Metapreneurship was pre-released May 15th, and in June debuted in Amazon’s Top 10 New Releases in Entrepreneurship, and Startups, and has been on the best seller list ever since.
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[The Age of Metapreneurship – A Journey into the Future of Entrepreneurship
Venture Point Press, June 2017  ISBN 069287724X]
CJ Cornell is a serial entrepreneur, investor, advisor, mentor, author, speaker and educator. He was a founder or co-founder of more than 10 successful startup ventures that collectively attracted over $250 million in  funding; created nearly a thousand new jobs; and launched dozens of innovative products that have exceeded $3 billion in revenues.
Ten years ago, he  made the transition to the academic world, where he established 3 university entrepreneurship programs; developed and taught new accredited courses in entrepreneurship, and authored over 30 papers and articles on entrepreneurship, technology and innovation. He consults, blogs, and speaks at conferences all around the world on digital media, entrepreneurship, startups and funding.
CJ Cornell holds undergraduate degrees in engineering, a master’s in management and a Ph.D. in marketing and strategy. CJ sits on the board  of 5 high-tech companies, and many public entrepreneurship and economic development committees.   He lives in Phoenix AZ with his wife and family.
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