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December 30, 2011
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January 23, 2012

This is gem of a video:

In front of a roomful of the best and the brightest investors (the Venture Capital Fundraising Club of Silicon Valley), here’s a vivid example of an investor pitch that seems to have all the right elements: Big vision. An energetic, articulate and likable young entrepreneur. Now, add to this, a huge market, and a unique solution approach to a problem affecting billions of people. Combine with an investor presentation that does not use powerpoint, prezi or video, and investors should be salivating and climbing all over themselves to invest.

This example is downright comedic. Almost out of an SNL sketch. **

Sadly, this is how most new ventures from first-time entrepreneurs sound to investors. No matter how old the team, if they are first-timers, they tend to sound like the entrepreneur in the video – often without the adorableness.

Too many young entrepreneurs seem to appear this way before investors. Worse, their idea is as just misguided plus they are not as articulate as the young entrepreneur in the video. One of the most useful exercises or assignments I give to my student entrepreneurs is to get out there and pitch their idea to everyone: Investors, customers, friends, strangers – anyone. It doesn’t take long to realize that your pitch – and your entire idea – needs significant refinement.

    ** In case you thought the presentation was just too “off the charts” to be real … you were right. This presentation was given last year, and created a little buzz within VC circles but it wasn’t long before it was outed as a prank
    Actually now I am even more impressed. Brilliant.

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