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November 22, 2016
What is Metapreneurship
April 15, 2017

Cargo cultism emerges within institutions, groups and organizations that were designed to foster entrepreneurship and help entrepreneurs: From accelerators and incubators, university programs, corporate innovation programs to government economic development, and many other programs – all suffer from this syndrome. They are trying to attract and nurture the growth of entrepreneurial companies so they can reap the economic rewards. They are trying, but failing.

Cultism isn’t all bad: When it works, it works remarkably well; the entrepreneurial riches are real, vivid and bountiful. One mega-success story can offset hundreds of failures and misfires – unless of course, you are involved with the failures. But it’s the hope for successes that proliferates the cults.

Today, entrepreneurs are faced with alluring choices from institutions and programs – all promising resources, knowledge, connections and guidance that will launch them to unicorn-like success. But unless you are working with one of the top 5% of accelerators, incubators or economic development programs ….


  • The Cult of Silicon Valley
  • The Cult of Economic Development
  • The Cult of the Velvet Rope
  • The Cult of Community

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